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3 Jode Neck PC 5,200.00 GST

Handmade firoza tikdas in gold polished with coral mala is something which makes u, u when u flaunt yourself in dugristyle.

Aamber haar (stone) 12,320.00 GST

The natural stone and style of neck piece with the real artifacts of the jewellery is something which make you shine. the Dugran is one who knows her shine and if you know how to style this, we are your fan. Note: size of the stone may vary because of natural stone.

Aath Saheli (Emerald) 6,800.00 GST

Handmade Emerald Tikdas gold polished in precious Coral mala is something you would flaunt every day as name suggest ‘Aath Saheli’ is the gossip girls.

Aath Saheli (Firoza) 6,800.00 GST

Our customer’s favourite is the 8 saheliyan. This is made of stone hand made tikras imbibed in coral and highlights the use of semi-precious stones. Combine this piece with a matching traditional wear to stand out this wedding season.

Amythes String (5 line) 6,300.00 GST

Handcrafted strings with knots in between with uneven tumble and style look. note: size of the stone may vary due to natural stone

Boamshell Blue 1,200.00 GST

Hand beaded neck pc with blue thread knots in between to give it more classy and elegant look. The unique point of this neck pc is its tassels and its color combination.

Material:  Pearl
Polish: Natural finish
Size: 24 inch
Style: String

Buddha Pearl 2,000.00 GST

Handmade Buddha with artisans of Orissa in thread and amlgamation of same with the handmade ruby beads give it a modern touch with spirituality. Spirituality is all about being yourself in one and the foremost positon of life.

Deepika Chokar 3,200.00 GST

Handmade kundan center highlighted with semi precious emerld and gold polished in pearl strings to give u attachment of chokar which not only fits u properly but also makesu an outshinning personality.

Dil Haar 28,000.00 GST

Kundan bridal neck pc enhane with emerald to make you beautiful bride, we are here for you.

Dil ki Rani (Green) 17,500.00 GST

Handcrafted silver base with artificial diamond polki center highlighted with semi precious emerald lines and tinch of real pearls to highlight beauty of your today and tomorrow. The earrings along is also highlighted with real pearls is the artificial diamond polki quality stones used to give you stud look.

Dilruba Emerald 7,500.00 GST

Handmade neck pc with the handpicked precious Emerald is tied and knotted in between to give you the look. The USP of the neck pc is the classy knots in between which make it fall in a beautiful graduation.

Each neck pc is different from other due to the shape of the tumblers choosen.

Dilruba panna 7,700.00 5,500.00 GST

Handcrafted yellow sapphire jewellery 3 strands with knots in between to give you elegance class and grace of all times. The piece gives amazing fall on your shoulder to highlight every style of yours.

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