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Aamber haar (stone) 12,320.00 GST

The natural stone and style of neck piece with the real artifacts of the jewellery is something which make you shine. the Dugran is one who knows her shine and if you know how to style this, we are your fan. Note: size of the stone may vary because of natural stone.

Amythes String (5 line) 6,300.00 GST

Handcrafted strings with knots in between with uneven tumble and style look. note: size of the stone may vary due to natural stone

buddha emerald neckline 3,920.00 2,800.00 GST

handcrafted pitai craft gold polished buddha in semi precious emerlad and cloth balanced pendel to give elegance and style of all times.

buddha rudrask neckline 3,920.00 2,800.00 GST

handcrafted pitai gold polished neckline with rudraksh and shell style to give you wisdom and grace.

Dilruba emerald 7,700.00 5,500.00 GST
the class and neat knots i between evey emerald stone to give u classy and elegance effect, it is evey women must have pc in there warddribe to give u elegant and effective style of presence.
Dilruba panna 7,700.00 5,500.00 GST

Handcrafted yellow sapphire jewellery 3 strands with knots in between to give you elegance class and grace of all times. The piece gives amazing fall on your shoulder to highlight every style of yours.

dilruba ruby string 7,700.00 5,500.00 GST

semi precious ruby with elegant and classy knots in between. it is the pc of grace and elegance carried away with the women of class.

Elegant Rose gold 4,900.00 GST

Handmade artificial diamond used in the string in graduation style from small to big stones in center to give you always style and value for the money. The beauty of today’s world is celebrated by the woman in you.

emeld drop neckline 1,680.00 1,200.00 GST

handcrafted pearl and yellow sapphire stone along with green thread hangings to give u grace and elegance of all times and style u always.

Emeralabari haar 16,800.00 GST

Handcrafted silver base kundan with artificial diamond studded, with semi precious emerald and highlighted with pearls to give u classy look of always. the neck piece that can go with western as well Indian attire to give you look of all times. Note: size of the stone may vary due to natural stone used.

Emerald Peal String 3,080.00 2,200.00 GST
emerald string 3,920.00 2,800.00 GST

handcrafted lines of pearls along with diamond magnet lock which can be styled as a pendel even.

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