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Bae Ring! 2,800.00 GST

handmade 92.5 sterling silver ring with the leopard and green precious (emerald) eyes, that make u crazy for this ring, light and easy and handy to carry with an attitude, one cannot go wrong with this. styles that speaks language of your soul loud and clear. be you!

limited pieces available, according to size, 6, 7, 8.

if you are not clear about your size, drop he image of keeping your ring on the scale to get us clear picture of your diameter of the ring.

Dancing Peacock Ring 7,500.00 GST
Flower Ruby Ring 3,800.00 GST

Meterial: Kundan

Polish: Gold

size: 2.5 inches

Style: cocktail Ring

Description: handcrafted silver base with semi precious ruby and artificial diamond polki Ring makes your hand speaks more than yu do. unique point of the ring is the as you move your hand, petals flip across with you.

Gannu Ring 8,200.00 GST

First Chakra is the Earth or Root Chakra, located in the base of your spine deals with issues of physical survival, safety and security and is blocked and weakened by fear and insecurity. If you are lacking vitality and self confidence, suffer from eating disorders, adrenal fatigue, foot and leg pains and injuries, rectal or colon problems, immune disorders or bone disorders your first chakra could be blocked! What are you afraid of? Let your fears be cleaned allowing them to flow. Reflecting on the many ways we are supported by nature remember we are not alone. Via the constant electrical vibrations can be used to re-balance all our chakric centers gradually returning our body to normal. Handmade 92.5 sterling silver ring to give us ultimate power of the universe, ganpathi of supreme power wih all elements of life, is been powered by him.

Gull E Navratan Ring 2,590.00 GST

Handcrafted gold polished artificial diamond polki used with semi precious stones to give you real jewellery look in today’s era.

Paana Anguthi 2,590.00 GST

Handcrafted silver base emerald and artificial kundan style ring with adjustable ring is something your eyes cant take off from any look and attire.

Pair of Peacock 3,900.00 GST
Peacock Ring 2,500.00 GST

Handmade 92.5 sterling silver, antique finish to give the outlook of life in the best possible manner, adjustable size to this ring gives it more reason to flaunt, where ever u want and see.

Pearl Kundan Jhankar 3,920.00 GST

Handmade kundan silver base ring with green meena and pearl highlight is something one can’t take eyes off. The style quotient of the ring is that it is handmade and attitude of the light and shine. The woman who understands her shine can only wear the highlight in her life.