We the Dugristyle Creations jewellery, Being the top supplier of world has already obtained the ISO 9001 quality assurance certification. Under a more precise quality management system we hope to increase customer satisfaction by improving product quality as well as shortening delivery time.

Our products are popular all over the world with high quality, competitive price and efficient service. We strives to exceed expectations for every one of our customers. As a leader in Global Business, we arrange to develop solutions that combine best-of-breed technology, leading-edge quality products and services that are delivered reliably and cost effectively to enhance their ability to operate profitable businesses. We aspire to “Exceed Expectations” through our innovative product solutions, superior customer service and competitive desire to be the best service provider to our customers and their industry. Combining innovation and latest technology, We work with a strong commitment maintaining integrity throughout the business process meeting all the individual requirements of our clients.

As market demands grew in sophistication and complexity; the Dugristyle have to provide a wider range of options. Our end to end solutions for customers coupled with efficient services set standards for the industry. Dugristyle is devoted to the commitment to quality, value for money we arrange to develop and supply of all accessories, both in traditional and trendy designs to meet customers’ various needs. Dugristyle applies LEAN Six Sigma techniques to improve Quality, reduce Cost and improve Cycle Time of your business processes

Our first Approach, quite simply, is to listen the requirement, We need to understand your requirements and what you want to achieve and according to our policies and commitment to quality, excellent service and quality support we ensure and explore all the options and we’ll work with you to deliver the best optimal solution and guide and educate customers. A satisfied customer is our greatest marketing tool and we pride ourselves on building solid relationships with our clients, we enjoy what we don’t believe that making successful cost-effective programmes should be a trauma.

Ms. Shruti Singhal
The term Dugri means the ‘one who outshines’ following which we believe every woman has that oomph factor in her. Our brand celebrates womanhood to its best as we believe every woman has the right to feel special. Our forte is handmade jewelry; made with selected raw materials by some of the finest artisans of India.

One of our usp semi-precious and silver jewelry under the brand name ‘dugristyle’ specific to the customers’ requirements. On popular demand, we often provide bespoke clothing for select customers with tips on how to carry it off.

Dugri emphasizes on its motto ‘Be the One’ as we feel each woman has the right to live up to her dreams and be pampered. It’s never too late to start, with age comes experience and maturity which is a striking factor among various women.

While fashion and accessorizing depend on the on-going trends, Style is more about being yourself. We accessorize to bring out the best in you so that you stand out amidst the crowd. As Dugri understand these needs, we have taken hand-made semi-precious jewelry to a new stature depending upon different preferences and tastes.

Therefore, Dugri is here for all her gorgeous Dugrans to help you define our own personal style and make you outshine. Our tailor made jewelry has a distinctive human touch which takes care of the keen details to make the piece speak for itself. We are committed to provide an unbeatable quality customization and products at affordable prices, providing doorstep order and delivery service which ensures a satisfied customer at the end.

Dugri makes you outshine