1. What is ‘Dugri’? 

Dugri means truthfulness – straight from the heart. Durgi Glitters.

2. What does ‘Dugran mean’?

Duran means the one who glitters it’s a term we use for our clients to make them feel what they are inside out. We appreciate you and accept you as you are. Life is much more than the outward appearance of a person. Life is about accepting each other instead of correcting.

3. Why this jewelry looks so expensive in photographs?

Jewelry looks so expensive in the photographs because we try to main authentic picture as the product. It looks exactly same, or sometimes, even better in real life. This is simply because beauty can’t be always captured in a single frame. One has to look into it to understand the beauty and the uniqueness it has to offer.

4. Why is the price so affordable if it looks so great?

The jewelry is affordable for the massses because it is directly sourced from the artisans. There artisans are actually fighting to make two ends meet. They have the art but don’t know what to do with the same. We work directly with the artisans and pay them a fair price for their efforts to source the products.
Our country is full of rich cultures and artisans across India work for us, we buy their art and put it into good use, or many a time we light the bulb of their creative room to get the product that we want for our customers.

5. Why it is expensive if it is artificial jewelry?

It is called artificial because of the metal used in the products. It is not gold but yes it is silver base, sometimes we use lacquer (the clay that our artisans have been using for years) to give metal a hardness within. Rest all process is exactly same as that of the real jewelry. We try to use precious stones as much as possible just in case due to color change we might use non-precious sometimes but they are as good as any real. Only difference one can see if they look inside that it doesn’t have gold.

6. Why do we need to pay attention to jewelry we wear so much?

Jewelry says a lot about your personality. As a person, we can’t be the same for everyone and everywhere. You can do the transformation in the fraction of second with jewelry change. You can be you who you want people to understand u in a particular situation. You can be roller of any meeting or situation you are in.

7. What is a look expense and how can one balance the look expense?

Look expense is what a ‘Dugran’ spends with respect time, energy and money spent to be perfect for any occasion. You can balance your look expense with us, we can make u wear same clothes with different jewelry to any occasion ready in a fraction of seconds. Which u can use in multiple times as well. our jewelry is timeless pieces, which keeps on coming back in fashion today and always. The jewelry which u can wear more than once is something that make a mark in your surroundings that it is precious, when they stamp u with them u keep going . With the same zeal.

8. Why should I buy from Dugri only and always?

‘Dugri’ takes care of all your styling needs along with your look, we have experts who can tell u what to try out of the box look sometimes, even to outshine u need to step out in sun. That freedom of standing out in sun is given by ‘Dugri’, which stood on its commitment always. But at only one cost of trust, we maintaithe n database of entire ‘dugrans’ who have bight with us what, due to which we can help u sometime choose mix and match with all the looks that u always want to create along.

9. What is the difference between glass kundan and diamond polki kundan?

Kundan means when a stone can be fitted into the kundda (seated mould) assigned for it in a jewelry. the art of setting of stone is called kundan. Now option of which stone, is majorly in real jewelry (where metal is gold) is also glass or diamond(unpolished). in our jewellery where the base metal sheet is silver the stone here is also same, glass and in our case man-made diamond, (zircon, artificial diamond, mosinoite).