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Refund and cancellation process,

There is no refund entertained, unless it is an manufacturing defect, in that case as well, we will try to provide best of our workers behind to get it in place. Still if things are irrecoverable then refund will be initiated on priority basis.

Due to hygiene factor, this has been strict for worldwide policy on accessories. We want our Dugran’s to be safe and secure to have a beautiful and healthy life forever.

Cancellation yes, before the product is dispatched from our studio we give you call and message, and mail u can take action whenever you want.

We respect you for providing,  living for the artisans of India for their specific art. We respect you for standing on your words and commitment of purchase, as we do on the quality promised.

Still you can decline to receive the parcel at your doorstep. Which will come back to us.

We will respect your decision.

Team Dugristyle