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Traditional Techniques passed down through generations to create immence value and personal touch without the aid of machinary.

Here in our handcrafted jewellery we offer flexibility of customization. In our craftmanship, we often have unique characterstics and imperfections that distinguish them from mass-produced items.

Our artisans infuse their creativity and vision in each piece resulting into Indian Culture heritage craftmanship and passion for crafts. We not only open indian jewellery accessible for the entire world to relish and flaunt its beauty; but you also can acquire jewellery with a story, character and a soul that can be cherished for years to come.

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The Scence of purpose given to our atisans, to study further and make their younger generations to strive for grater fulfilment and hapiness in life.

Thankyou to serve a guiding light and encouraging all of them to persue their dreams and overcome obstacles of life with smily faces.

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